For sale in Victoria, for $4500. It was on craigslist for a month or two, up to about a month ago. Now I guess he’s trying his luck with facebook. It looks really good, but evidently it’s not a $4500 car. I’ll be in Victoria this weekend, so I don’t think I can resist going to look at it.

“1988 BMW 535i Just over 300,000km salmon silver cardinal red leather comfort interior 5 speed limited slip diff h&r/bilstien sport suspension suspension techniques front sway bar all other suspension pieces done around 5 years ago e34 bottlecaps on winter tires brakes done recently with hawk hps brake pads and new rotors recent battery, engine oil, brake and clutch fluid, waterpump, coolant, both crank sensors The windshield has a few big rock chips and is delaminating in the corners. Some body rust (little on the bottom of the rockers, bit more on the rear of the left rear fender just under where the bumper starts, and some in the right rear corner below the bumper). Two inch hole in floor right by dead pedal. Hole in exhaust pipe before muffler.”

I’ll be looking very carefully for the extent of the rust....I know where these things like to rust, and it can get pretty bad, while still looking this nice.