What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

So, today was my last day of work as a manager in an essential industry, and next Monday I start up work at a company in a non-essential industry. 16 months ago, I accepted an offer to move to a better, higher paying role in the banking industry, and the past year has been a disaster. I’m clearly not cut out for the role, and 2 weeks ago, I accepted an offer to return to my old company, where I worked for about 3 years, in basically the same job I had before, and where I was quite successful.

As of now, I’m supposed to meet my boss in a hotel parking lot on Monday morning to pick up my company car. My laptop is being shipped to my house someday next week, and the plan is to spend the first two weeks (which would have been retraining/reorientation anyway) training remotely and getting paperwork done. So, I’m probably safe for at least one pay cycle, but, after that, its a big unknown. The company can’t afford to pay a sales force to sit around and do nothing indefinitely. Even though most of our customers are still open for business, they aren’t going to want us coming around making sales calls, and we are not an essential product.


My boss even offered me an out today, asking if I had reconsidered or would be interested in a transfer to a smaller/less busy office, but I told him I was so terrible at this role that if I didn’t leave now, he’d just have to fire me eventually.

Two weeks ago, I was convinced this was an extremely smart and fortunate decision, but a lot has changed since then.

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