Somebody who has a sporty convertible (NC in my case), but is starting to feel old and wants something easier to drive and get in/out of that actually has a trunk and could fit, say, 2 people and a dog, yet doesn’t think they could give up the open air experience. It’s the ultimate compromise car and as I begin daydreaming about post-Miata life, years before it’s paid off enough to get rid of, I find myself actually kind of wanting one. If it was just about any brand other than a Nissan it would be a gimme, but I am decidedly not a fan of nissan, particularly in the reliability department. I feel like they trade in being a cheaper alternative to Honda or Toyota and people assume the reliability will be similar because JDM yo, but they suck and you get what you pay for. The current front runner is a Kia Soul turbo because I trust Kia a lot more and I’m hoping the panoramic sunroof would be enough, but this might be #2 on my sad list. Still beats a jeep.