Back in June, I wrote about my truck search and how I test drove a GMC Canyon as part of that. Well after this weekend, I’ve decided to go a new direction and I think i’m pretty happy with it. This last weekend I took a trip to Table Rock Lake and went camping. We rented a trailer that weighed 3k lbs and I towed it behind my Tahoe. The Tahoe did OK, but it certainly struggled, especially on hills. Sure I could nearly punch it and make the engine sing and maintain speed, but it certainly made it more difficult.

So I realized perhaps a full size truck is really the way to go. I don’t plan on towing a lot, but I want to be able to tow anything I want in case A certain oppo decides to buy a Dodge Dakota convertible and a Corvair at the same time and needs help getting them home, to where he will inevitably live in them, because his girlfriend will kick him out.

I started looking on No. Damnit. Not oversteer. Curse you Doug. Just regular Autotrader. I decided to decrease my budget. If i’m not buying a new full size truck, there’s no point in paying new truck money. So I dropped my budget to $20k. I found some GM trucks, some Fords, etc. But then I also found some Tundras. Realizing I like the Tundra, I started looking harder. Turns out, you can get a Tundra from 2010-2012 with 70k miles or so for $20k. If i’m gonna buy a truck for $20k, i’m gonna buy a Toyota. I know mechanically a GM truck would do fine, but the interior would become a rattletrap very quickly from all the plastic appointments.

I test drove one today. It was a 2012 with 75k on it in CrewMax configuration. They wanted $25k for it, which is more than I want to pay obviously, but not needing 4x4 (Everyone in Kansas City thinks we live in Minnesota and thinks they need 4x4 so all the dealers have them) I think I can get a similar truck for the same price, just have to go to Oklahoma or Texas (just not Houston for a while). It was fantastic. The truck was tight, it drove amazing, and it didn’t feel like a truck with 75k on it.

Probably will still wait a few more months, need to get more of the Tahoe paid off first, but I am pretty sure this is the right decision. What do you guys think?