I think I might be bad at business

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So we just won a big case. We have been representing a group of dissident workers against the United Farm Workers union. Yes, the Cesar Chavez people. I am basically the Lex Luthor of farm labor, except Luthor wishes he had my car.


We just won an unfair labor practice trial that arose out of a union organizer convincing armed security to bar dissident worker protesters from entry to an Agricultural Labor Relations Board meeting. We are fighting to make the union announce its violation on its radio station, as the standard remedy for an unfair labor practice is notice. I have no idea what is going to happen.

I am not getting paid for this. What am I doing?

I hate to post without pictures, so you get a Pumpkin pic I posted before. Sue me, demonize me, get in line with the rest of my enemies. One more enemy ain’t gonna make a difference at this point. I have lost count.

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