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I think I'm done with the SV650

I’ve had my SV for a long time now, and it’s always been my favorite street bike. I’ve been on a ton of demo rides, but every time I got back on the SV, I still felt satisfied. All the other bikes I’d been cross shopping were either too heavy, or too powerful (for reasonable road use), too uncomfortable, or too expensive to justify a swap. With the GSXR fork swap there’s not a lot that feels like an SV in corners and has the same grunt coming out. So I’ve spent years honing and improving my SV to be the best an SV can be.

Yesterday I tried out a Street Triple R and I’m pretty sure the SV is ruined for me. It takes everything the SV does well and does it just a little bit better. Factory stock it rides like I’ve been trying to make the SV ride since I started modifying it. and it does so while being lighter, just as comfortable, and faster. The engine note and character is spot on, flawless. Getting back on the SV after the test felt like something was missing, today riding in to work felt like something was missing. I’ve never had that feeling on it before.


I think I’m going to buy the one pictured above this weekend

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