I think I might have needed new brake pads on the bike [updated x2]

Maybe. Possibly. Also maybe some adjustment on the old ones.


The new ones feel way higher quality, so I might put some pants on and take them for a test drive. Still pretty convinced I need to switch to disc brakes in front.


[Updated] WOW it stops way better than before! I think this highlights my need for uprated brakes. Hitting the bike shop today.

[Update 2] Ok ok ok.... I bought a new front wheel. The bike shop hooked me up with one with a machined sidewall and disc mount provisions. It was way more money than I was hoping to spend and I question the logic of not buying a used bike with the correct wheels, but alas it is done.

Bonus picture of Dog B and the bike (sans new wheel). (He looks weirdly scary in this picture, but I assure you he is a big sweetheart)

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