I think I need to either rebuild or replace my starter motor

So my Accord's having issues with the starter, but I remembered that you can "fix" it by using Clarkson's favorite method of fixing things, which I have been doing for the last month. Today, however, as I was checking my oil, my starter kept going without my keys. It just kept cranking and cranking and cranking. Naturally, I was terrified because I thought that my car was coming to life and was trying to kill me, so I broke out the tools and disconnected the battery faster than you can say Bob's your uncle with great success. I whacked my starter and sure enough the starter stopped cranking on its own, but now it's almost completely dead since it now takes more key turns to kick the starter over. It's been ok since I've had my Accord and has only started crapping out last month, but my trusty hockey stick has helped my through thick and thin.

What do you mechanics think, can I rebuild my starter or should I replace the bugger altogether? Also, my hood doesn't like to always close. I've been doing the same thing with the hood as the starter; whacking it. Should probably replace that as well. Not my car below, but rather for reference.

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