Card magic... And it's so fun, you guys

My hands are crap for agile and precise movements, but I'm still managing to learn some basic moves. I can make coins disappear with two different kinds of drops, I can properly riffle shuffle and bridge a deck, perform a charlier cut, a sybil cut, swing cuts, swivel cuts, fake passes, plus produce and tuck away cards without raising much suspicion. This is seriously the most fun I've had with a virtually non expensive hobby in forever. The only time money comes into play is to buy decks, as I've found out locally produced cards are nowhere near as good at handling as american made Bicycle decks, and if you were to invest in an out of print Gaff deck, for example, you'd be forking over about 25 dollars for what little overstock is left, or even more than that on eBay. I feel like I have to talk about this, but I can't, because magic, and I don't want to give away what little stuff I already managed to create.... so have this instead.