I think I'm Craigslisting wrong.

I sell items on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace with relative frequency. I would guess that 75% of the interest I receive are offers of less than half of asking.

“I see you have minivan of $20,000. I give you $8000.”

“Your car isn’t worth $5k. I’ll give you $1500.”

I mean, this HAS to have worked for someone at some point. Otherwise, why would so many people do it?


“I see your home is listed for $299,000. It’s not worth that much. I’ll give you $50,000"

“You know what... Your probably right. Sold for $50,000.....”

Sienna listed at $17,500:

Honestly, what did he expect me to say? What’s the logical response to that question?

Let’s open the conversation instead by being a dick:


I’m surely going to come around to this guy....


Clearly I've been approaching my Craigslist hunts all wrong. From now on it's full on asshole attitude and offers of 30-50% of asking only. Surely someone, somewhere said yes....

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