I think I'm going crazy

Help me out here, cause I think I’m having a bit of a Mandela effect with a certain Daimler-Chrysler era car. I vaguely remember that there was one American car built during that era from either Chrysler, Dodge, or Jeep that had the infotainment mounted to the bottom of the center stack.

I clearly remember seeing an image of one of those bland grey plastic interiors with a uConnect 1 screen at the bottom of the dash in the stupidest of places. I remember it being posted to Jalopnik with a caption like, “This is probably the worst ergonomics of any interior ever, courtesy of none other than Chrysler!” I thought it was the first generation pre-facelift Journey, but turns out it wasn’t.


I’ve gone through every mid-2000s D/C/J interior I can go through but I can’t find it. Am I going crazy, or did that really exist?

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