In all the excitement of the Gladiator I decided to build and price myself a Wrangler JL. What I spec’d out is a middle of the road Sport S with the the diesel engine, limited slip rear diff, remote start, cold weather package, upgraded stereo, and all weather floor mats. Grand total MSRP was just over 42,000 dollars.

Graphic: Mojito is a great color

but this is the part that makes my stomach turn. the monthly payment, with an insane 4.3% interest rate (higher than my freaking mortgage) the monthly payment is over 700 bucks a month. with 4k down at signing.

I’m not a rich man, and I’m not a poor man either, but I can’t stomach having that much money every month tied up in a car payment. 


Assuming the Gladiator will be at least 2-3k more than the equivalent JLU, I don’t think I’ll be buying one, even if my career takes the turn I want it too.