I think I'm going to start a small business within a year or two.

It will compete against my current employer, but they’re one of the biggest in the industry (junk removal), so I’m not worried about hurting them. They just don’t pay what I think would be fair, so I want to do my own thing.

Here are a few of the ideas I have, if you want to give feedback:

Black, pink, and chrome will be the colors. Everything will have a retro ‘50s feel to it. (If I’m successful enough to get a second truck, it will have black, chrome, and some other pastel color. They’ll all be different but recognizable)


Assuming it’s not already trademarked, the name will be Junk Jet. Yes, that’s a Fallout reference.

Instead of by-volume or by-weight pricing, I’ll adjust the cost based on the condition of the items and resell and/or donate the good things, passing the savings on to the customer. (For reference, most junk removal companies charge $100-500, depending on the size of the items. I’m looking to use the secondhand market to keep costs as low as $50-300 for the same amount of stuff. Straight trash will be more expensive to remove than furniture, for example)


Free estimates are a given, but I’ll do them on the spot through video chat. I’ll just have the customer show me what’s going and I’ll give them a price without ever having to crank up the truck.

For advertising purposes, the truck will function as my daily driver and I’ll hang fliers wherever I can. I won’t spend money on commercials or billboards unless I’m making a lot more than expected.


Depending on how profitable it is, you can bet I’ll sponsor a race car. Even if it’s my own rallycross car.

I know I have a lot of dumb ideas that never actually happen, but this one feels different. I found a job that I enjoy and I’m prepared to take it a step further. 

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