Welp. My check engine light is on. I have run the codes twice, it is a minor evap system leak. Of course, if I lived in a state that didn't have emissions, this wouldn't matter, but my province has emissions, and it's due in three weeks, and I will FAIL if I bring it in with the check engine light on. Failing puts you in a world of hurt.

I replaced my gas cap and sanded down the fuel filler neck lip, then reset the light. No luck it came back. At this point, I can't really tell what's wrong, lack a smoke machine, and any way to isolate the purge solenoid or the vent solenoid, and I am going away this weekend.

Sometimes you're in over your head. But it's okay Oppo honestly this year I have still expanded my horizons by changing my own struts and so forth. Little by little one travels far, but this time, I am copping out.

Pic of "Bro truckalier"....it may be an outdated slow POS, but it's MY outdated slow POS.

And it now sits higher than most anything. Which makes it look ghetto but will be good in winter.