I Think I'm Ready to Go Off the Deep End

So the same dealership that I bought my e90 at has a Mini Clubman. I got to sit in it and get a good looking at it inside and out on Sunday, because the owner leaves all of the cars unlocked all the time. After that bit of experience I want one reeeeeeal bad.

Thankfully I don’t want that one. 1 because its BEIGE, and B because its not a Cooper S.


and also I found this one.

I have always liked the Clubman. It’s styling, performance, and utility are right up my hatchback ally. Altho since it has barn doors can you really call it a HATCHback?


I found this one in Burnsville for a reasonable price, with really low miles. My wife is going to stay at her sister’s this weekend so maybe me and my Bro in law will make a little road trip.


I know Minis have a bad reputation but I don’t care. I’ve dipped my toes into the German car waters now I’m ready to go off the deep end.

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