Guys... I don’t know what’s happening to me. I thought I was alright. I decried the NX as an abomination, I made fun of the GS as a pig wearing lipstick. I even called the IS a Camry that was hit in the face with an axe. But I’m starting to change. It started with the LC. I thought it looked good, great even. And then I started to see things differently. “They might be ugly but at least they’re different” I said. “The hourglass grille doesn’t look so bad” I said. Frankly I’m scared for my well-being.

Look at how lovely that is!

The Lexus RC may be an ungainly mass of crumpled sheetmetal and massive overhangs, but there is some good detail in the grille.

The headlights say just do it, but the grille says I’m going to murder and then eat you.


The chrome surround is well crafted and neat, and I absolutely love those foglights. Although the vertical grille slats are incongruously old-fashioned looking for such a transformers-esque design.

So I don’t know.