I think it is time for the Wagon and I to part ways

Don’t get me wrong, I really like this car. It is quirky, ergonomic, surprisingly comfortable, and well made. It, however, was never meant to have a permanent place in my garage.

When I bought it, it was partially disassembled, non-running, dirty, and came with a box of parts. With a little elbow grease and generous application of cash, I got it running and driving essentially perfectly. Even the AC works!


Is there stuff that I would do if I were going to keep it? Hell yes. The calipers are still a little sticky, there is some of the plastic armor that needs attention, and it could use a tint. Also the carpets are pretty threadbare and poorly fitted.

Mechanically it is in excellent condition. Everything works as it should. The only concern I have is the mystery oil consumption, which I am 90% sure is valve guides. Running another round of Seafoam through it and replacing with a thicker oil seems to have tapered it way off.

I really like this car... but I don’t like driving it. It just doesn’t have enough power. The Saab, Alfa, and Disco aren’t exactly power houses either, but, despite having the same power to weight ratio as the Disco, this thing just feels like a chore to drive on the highway. Around town it is a delight, but 70+ it really is out of its comfort zone. Kicking on the AC makes it even worse.

Right now the thinking is get it cleaned up for some beauty shots and then put it up on some specific enthusiast Facebook groups. This car deserves a good home and I’m OK with hanging onto it for the right buyer. Which shouldn’t be hard because my asking price is going to be on the high side of normal for one of these.


Dog A for your time.

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