The shop said it needs a new battery and alternator, neither of which surprises me. Parts and labor for the alternator (can’t remember if the battery was included) is over $700. Cylinder misfire issue is still an unknown. Various other problems as expected with an old Volvo. I need to be super careful with money right now and as such I think I need to admit it. Time to let this one go.

So... Right now I’m planning on having it towed to my grandmother’s, where I’ll put it up for sale. Complicating matters is the fact that I never got the title transfered to my name as I couldn’t get the car running for an emmisions test. I’ve got the title and bill of sale, aand the previous owner submitted a release of interest, but yeah. Couldn’t get that title transfered. The irony is that Washington State is getting rid of emmisions requirements next January.


So what do I ask for this? It’s a very rare color, rare manual transmission T5 turbo wagon with jump-seats, and service history going back to the beginning. California car for all but the last 4 months. It’s got the original window sticker (over $50,000 in today’s money!). It’s got every fill-up recorded from the initial one to my own. I’m the third owner. Title is clean, body is straight, springs and shocks are brand new, OEM. Those are the pros.

The cons.... Well. The title issue. The battery and alternator. The cylinder one misfire (I still think that’s a simple fix since it was running perfectly for 1600 miles but who knows). Electric locks are finicky. Clearcoat is bad on the roof and hood. Some interior trim pieces are in rough shape.

Where do I price this? If it ran and was titled appropriately, I’d have no problem getting $4k in the PNW from one of the Volvo forums. As is.... I really have no idea. $1000?

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