So here we are again folks. Let's see what the teams can pull off today. Will RedBull finally get their acts together? Will we see Williams really start to put some laps down? Will these next few tests prove that a new world champion might be crowned? We will see. To start it off here are the times so far today.

1 MagnussenMcLaren 1m35.489s
2 HulkenbergForce India 1m36.445s +0.956
3 RosbergMercedes 1m36.965s +1.476
4 BottasWilliams 1m37.635s +2.146
5 AlonsoFerrari 1m37.700s +2.211
6 VettelRed Bull 1m40.340s +4.851
7 VergneToro Rosso 1m40.609s +5.120
8 GutierrezSauber 1m40.717s +5.228
9 GrosjeanLotus 1m41.670s +6.181
10 ChiltonMarussia 1m42.511s +7.022
11 KobayashiCaterham 1m44.354s +8.865

Update 1: With 43 consecutive laps, Vettel and the RedBull team finally look as if they have those gremlins under control! Still not the fastest, however I am betting that RedBull at the moment are just trying to see if the car will survive.

Update 2: Here is a Magnussen photo from McLaren's Twitter earlier today.


Update 3: It seems that Magnussen is the man of the hour right now. He pulled out of the pits and set a 1:34 which is just shy of last seasons pole position time. The kid can whip. For those wanting to know, pole last season was a 1:33.7, Magnussen's time was a 1:34.9.

Update 4: According to Sauber's Twitter the guys are really trying to fix a malfunction from earlier today to get the car back on the trac and in their words since "every lap counts#pushpush"

Update 5:With much secrecy still inherent with the new cars, teams have been erecting small walls around their garages. Ferrari according to Dan Knuston has gone a step further.


Update 6: Magnussen's fastest lap was set on the supersoft compounds. Hopefully we won't have another blowout year like last season.

Update 7: Rosberg, Hulkenberg and Bottas are the only cars on the track at the moment with Rosberg in the 1:38s, Hulkenberg in the 1:41s, and Bottas in the 1:39s all fairly consistent too I might add.


Update 8: Kobayashi is now being sent back out with only 51 laps total this session.

Update 9: Alonso is now back on the track too and setting a personal best of a 1:37.

Update 10: As I write Alonso's last time he goes quicker and is on track to go quicker again witha 1:36.9.


Update 11: According to the BBC here is the latest lap count for this session.

1. Valtteri Bottas (Williams) 93 laps

2. Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) 85

3. Nico Rosberg (Mercedes) 58

4. Jean-Eric Vergne (Toro Rosso) 57

5. Esteban Gutierrez (Sauber) 55

6. Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull) 49

7. Nico Hulkenberg (Force India) 45; Kamui Kobayashi (Caterham)

8. Kevin Magnussen (McLaren) 28

9. Romain Grosjean (Lotus) 18

10. Max Chilton (Marussia) 14

Update 12: While Alonso looked as if he was going to go quicker, but backed off and took the Ferrari back to the pits.


Update 13:The World Champ has reemerged from the pits after some time with only about 20 minutes to go today.

Update 14: Kobayashi now bumped out Chilton's Marussia and takes second from the bottom with a 1:42. Not bad, but Chilton's Marussia has been plagued by technical gremlins and has spent most of today in the garage.

Update 15: Ze German World Champion headed back to the pits briefly but is back out on the track, will we see finally a flying lap from RedBull?


Update 16: Bottas clocks in a 1:37.3 that bumps his over time up but not in position.

Update 17: Kobayashi not only jumps 1 spots he jumps 4 with a 1:40 possibly edging out Vettel for the 6th spot.

Update 18: Kobayashi did it, he edged out Vettel with a 1:39.8, Vettel's fastest was a 1:40.3


Update 19: And that's it for today's testing here are the lap results.

1 MagnussenMcLaren 1m34.910s
2 HulkenbergForce India 1m36.445s +1.535
3 AlonsoFerrari 1m36.516s +1.606
4 RosbergMercedes 1m36.965s +2.055
5 BottasWilliams 1m37.328s +2.418
6 KobayashiCaterham 1m39.855s +4.945
7 VettelRed Bull 1m40.340s +5.430
8 VergneToro Rosso 1m40.609s +5.699
9 GutierrezSauber 1m40.717s +5.807
10 GrosjeanLotus 1m41.670s +6.760
11 ChiltonMarussia 1m42.511s +7.601

So we have some very interesting results today, chiefly that the Infiniti RedBull RB10 did not catch fire! I don't know it that's a good thing or a bad thing, but it is certainly and improvement for the team. Horner and Newey are proving, so far, that they can solve any problem, again so far.


But again the man of the hour is Magnussen. This young driver is absolutely killing it, not only with consistency, but with overall pace. The McLaren team have absolutely got to be ecstatic with their new driver. I don't know how Button feels about it, but we will be finding out what Button can do later on this week and through till next week. Is this a resurgent McLaren? I hope so.

And what about Kobayashi in the Caterham! He went from last to 6th in a manner of about two or three laps, that my friends is improvement. He also beat Vettel in times today. But like I stated earlier I think RedBull wasn't going for the fastest times today rather making sure all their fixes and bugs are gone and fixed. I think as the week goes on and through to next week we will start to see the RedBull's opening up the taps a bit more. Well tomorrow is another day and I am sure we will see some very interesting things come out of Bahrain. But feel free to discuss and what are your all's predictions this year!

Tomorrow I will be again live updating you all, I think I will get up a bit earlier so I can have more to give you guys. Stay tuned! Also catch the inaugural article of my new series Sittin Waitin Wishin!


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