So I just got a call from my Dad who is borrowing Towburban.

He called to tell me the brakes just failed and he had to slam it into reverse going about 30 before they blew through a read light into heavy traffic in Somerville. As can be seen I have broken a ton of stuff on this truck, and given that it leaks out of every seal I think she is dead.. Of course now my Dad and sister are stranded with a broken truck full of her stuff as she is moving this week.


I can’t sell the truck with a broken brake line and not 100% sure she would pass inspection if I fixed the brake lines. MA does not allow for as-is junk sales. So I think shes off to the scrapper.

So question time. Do I :

A. Find a new beater truck.
B. give up on trucks and just rent when needed (which is often)
C. Trade the Fiesta in pray I break even and buy a 4 Door pickup.

I do love the F150 Crew Cab. The adjustable pedals are great for going between my wife and I (about a foot difference in height).

Oh well its just money, who need that right?