I'm no longer afraid of driving on the freeway anymore. 

Now, before you choke up your morning coffee, do note that I was never Mr. 40-below-in-the-fast-lane. I was somewhat shaky but not shitty. It also probably didn't help that I had to reacquaint to driving on the freeway at night in an unfamiliar car on an unfamiliar road, but that's another story. 

It wasn't totally unfounded. My mother was deathly scared of driving on the freeway or even across town. So I sort of picked up on a bit of that.

I think the turning point was when I drove full blast in a car-share Focus. Unlike the Focii on campus, the ones in town were not speed-limited to 80mph as I discovered when I blasted down a deserted stretch of highway at speeds well over 85...only to have a Corolla blast past me when I coasted back down to a more legal 65. 

A few days ago I took the Civic out for a drive and it didn't feel as freaky anymore. In fact, it felt really good. Even though I didn't do any top-speed blasts down the road, I didn't feel as though I would suddenly veer off the road, crash, and die. I could cruise confidently and accelerate to merge without fear.

...and that's when I became a man. :D

 Alright, I probably don't need to do the pedal-to-the-metal level of accelerating to merge (the Civic made a very pained downshift to accomodate for that). But there will be lots of time for that down the road.