I think this commonly referred to as a rollback? People who don’t know where their hood release is call it a tow truck. And even people who know what it is generally say tow truck. We only say “flat bed” when someone is specifically requesting a flat bed.
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I’m getting paid a shit wage, plus I get zero benefits. That’s a big reason I’m looking for another job. But I think since I’m getting a shit wage, I’ll just take my tools my home.

My boss never actually said I’d be doing repairs when I started. It was a surprise several weeks in. Nor did he say I needed to bring my tools. So, I’ll just take them home. Sure, it will take up half of my garage, and I won’t even be able to get into my box unless I move a car. And I won’t have a lift. But, I prefer my tools at home, and for most jobs I do on my car, having my car at home in my garage out weights benefits of having a lift. I live too far from the shop so I waste half my day coming out here on a day off to do any work.

When I had my boxes at home a while ago it coincided with me wanting to do the timing belt on the TDI. And I loved it! I did it over a weekend, and it was so relaxing. I want that back.

Or I want more money.

Clarification: I know that’s a flat bed. Tell that to everyone else in this state who don’t know what it is. You can usually spot them by their AAA sticker on their car.