I know, I know. What am I doing posting when it’s not #MR2'sday? Well... My car broke again. It does this from time to time being a at some points questionably modified car. This time it was the fusable link (again, actually) that meant I was going to leave the car at work for two days while I found the correct parts in a foreign country who’s language I don’t even speak.

(^Pictured, down for two days while I take my time installing a boost gauge)

Every time I’m out of town and my wife takes my car for a drive, something breaks. Never fails. And it’s never something “normal” like a flat tire or a burnt out bulb. It’s always something like a broken battery, broken in the weirdest way:

Yeah, I had no idea you cold break a battery like that when it was bolted into the car... much less an Optima yellowtop... The replacement she put in also attributed to my latest problem, the new battery cut through the insulation on the fusable link over time and finally shorted it out when I was leaving work. Thankfully I hadn’t even moved from my parking space so I just got a cab home and started finding parts to create a new one, one that hopefully will stay for a while

I think I’m going to add some solder to my connection into the car as I don’t trust the splice, it just didn’t feel very strong. The fuse itself is an 80 Amp one, same as the stock link was, but a little easier to replace if necessary, also the only thing available locally, and I don’t feel like waiting 3 weeks for anything to be shipped here.


(^Just an oil change, needed a filler picture)

This happens literally every time I leave though, first time was a weird issue I’ve never been able to diagnose, but the car just refused to start for two days, then worked perfectly. Then an inconsistent idle that ended up being a fueling issue due to a my HKS VPC I had on the car about a year ago. The biggest one financially was my front brakes that ended in my getting rebuilt calipers on each side, I upgraded to some fancy Kevlar brake pads, and stainless lines while I was there though. That’s five times, every time I’ve been gone for a decent amount of time. My wife loves my car too! I’ve already been told I can’t sell it, and I have to give it to her if my dream MR2 goes up for sale. I’m really not sure what is going on with it, maybe she just hates my wife? Jealousy? Maybe she just gets mad when she isn’t driven regularly? It’s the weirdest thing. Anybody else have a similar problem?