They are less expensive than the V8 and could be a great fun daily driver.

It would be used unless there is a sweet a plan deal but more than likely used. I’d want a manual one probably in blue or white. A premium would be cool to get the toggle switches and dual zone climate control and cooled seats. Definitely a coupe as I’m not a fan of convertibles.


The GT would be ideal but we’ll have to see how the depreciation goes on these. I think the Ecobbost would be a better step for me in the performance car world. I’ve had a 2001 Expedition, an 05 Crown Vic, an 05 Corolla and a 2011 Camry (current car). I think jumping from what I’ve been driving into an ecobbost would make it really fun. I think the 5.0 might be too big a jump plus it’ll be more expensive to insure and drive. I think I’ll be able to push the Ecoboost more than the 5.0 too because it is less powerful.

What does Oppo think?