This is a 1968 Porsche 912 with a 2005 Sti engine. Probably 300hp. Well I want a new 912. I want a 964 body-shell size with a new 2 liter flat-4 of 200 horsepower. duck tail RS=high rpm 250hp and Turbo it for 300+. I want just that. something that would have amazing balance, a small kid sized rear seat and functionality all over. I would buy one. It would kick the BRZ's ass and have more character and joy at the same time. But...WHY?

Look around you. What Porsche car is hot on the market? What Porsche car has everyone opened their eyes to? the small body classic LWB 911 from the late 60's on until they became fat and bloated after the 996. The excitement is so strong that Singer apparently sees a market of $300,000+ rebuilt and improved custom versions. Magnus Walker is building incredibly fun 911's with the parts you really wanted to begin with. People are ready to buy those awesome enjoyable 911's instead of a new 911 that is much larger, much fatter, weighs a whole lot more and might have more amazing numbers, but is it more fun? We never hear about that part of it - An Auto-journo saying "This is more fun that that 964 I used to have!" Hmm...perhaps that's why they need a smaller 911. The current model is nothing like what everyone loved for so long.

What everyone loved was that even if it cost more than a regular car, it wasn't that much more and if you really wanted to, you could swing the payment and drive it hundreds of thousands of miles. Today? you cannot come close to a 911 payment and afford a house on regular salary money however they have plenty of Boxter entry level cars that have nowhere near the functionality and usefulness of the 911 from the day. The new 911 maintenance will bleed you as well. The Porsche that everyone loved? You can't find that today and never will unless Porsche does something like this.