I think subaru has lost its way

Lets travel back to 2006 where, the majority of teenagers were crash landing with their roller shoes and Chevy was selling the aveo as a new car. Back then Subarus were fun, all wheel drive cars that sat in a niche market of cars. The legacy was tons of fun to drive, the outback was a car-based wagon and the tribeca looked like a pig. They were not volume sellers their owners bought them because they had a spark, a spark of fun, a mix of durability, fun, and reliability. Lets travel back to 2015 where Subarus legacy is as inoffensive as a sloth, Speaking of sloths, that is the term that could be used to describe the legacys acceleration, slothy, slothfully I don’t know. The outback has been lifted to look like a crossover. They are making a micro SUV. The Impreza is boring as a vanilla envelope. The lineup isn’t even fully all wheel drive anymore with the Brz.

What happened? Volume sales happened. Subaru saw Toyota selling Camrys by the millisecond and thought, gee why aren’t we doing that. Let me explain that reason and that reason is that the buyers are different. Most Camry buyers are looking for an appliance to get them from point a to point b, while back then most Subaru buyers were looking for all wheel drive cars with a passion. A passion for fun durability and reliability. But Subaru decided to be a volume seller, so they made the outback a crossover, they made the legacy handle as a dinner roll would and took that spark, tat passion away. All for volume sales. And that, ladies and gents is why Subaru has lost its way.