I think that's it for the Oppo Clio

Somebody violently backed into it, while I was away. It had the handbrake on and was in gear, and still moved back about a car length, got up the sidewalk, and pushed the car that was parked behind it into the barrier.

Of course, the person responsible disappeared without a trace or witnesses. Me and the owner of the car that was parked behind filed a complaint at the local police, but we all know how that goes.


Given that it’s an 18-year-old econobox, I’m fully expecting the insurance to call it a write-off. We’ll see how much money they propose.

This was last week, and only now am I able to write about it without feeling too sad. I lived everything in this car; it pretty much was my first one. I traveled across France, met my girlfriend in it six years ago, went to an Oppo Euro tour, and went on a little trip around the Ring in it.

It was pretty much perfect. Although it did require a lot of work, lately. But anyway, there’s that.

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