Tomorrow night, the auction for my Civic is ending on eBay. I’ve got it on there with a reserve at $2500 because it’s got a clutch issue that I don’t feel like fixing, so I’ve been trying to figure out what I can buy for that money.

Inspiration came from my new job, where I work pretty closely with the Providence Police Department. The garage where I park is practically overflowing with Crown Vics.

Low mileage, solid P71s are abundant around the $2-3k mark. It’s big, somewhat entertaining, and it’ll baby, which is key.

My favorite one I’ve found so far is this one:

Its a 2003, has 95k miles, and needs work on the a/c and front windows (a great combination, since its going to be like 90 all week). He doesnt have any interior pictures up besides the dash, but if its as solid as the outside, thats good enough for me. And for all this Panther excellence, hes only asking $1500.


Now I know there are some Panther owners here. What do I need to look for and avoid on these cars? Never owned one before, though I’ve thought about it plenty of times. Hopefully I can find one nearby to check out tomorrow, since I’ve never even driven a Panther.