Im waiting to see March sales, but when you consider the size of the two brands, the fact that these are both completely new models, and in the most popular segment in the US right now, sales numbers are pretty pathetic in my opinion. Last year neither model could outsell the old Jeep Compass and their combined sales didnt even catch up to the Subaru Forester (#8 in sales). Even if both had double sales and combined them together last year they still would barely run into the #3 spot.

Jeep badge is overpowered. You could toss it on a mug and sale 80,000 annual units in the US.

And Ill tell you now, these two and the Jeep Cherokee (whose explosive sales are finally slacking off just before its refresh) are honestly the only compact CUVs with true declining sales in 2017 vs 2016. Everyone else cant make enough of these things, just ask Mazda about the CX5 or Nissan about the Rogue!

Im thinking if the Chrysler 200 and Dodge Dart are failures then these Korean twin CUVs totally topped them. Hopefully the two new subcompact CUVs coming out this year at the very least match the sales numbers of their bigger siblings, otherwise Id keep selling lifted, FWD-only hatchbacks and calling them Crossovers.