I think the transmission bought the farm...

Help me diagnose this, Oppo:

The Challenger runs the good old NAG1 5-speed auto. It's really taken a tremendous amount of abuse. It has a high stall torque converter, a shift kit and upgraded solenoids. I routinely do massive burnouts and other stupid things. It never misses a beat.


Well, it never missed a beat.

When using the auto-stick, you're not supposed to manually engage fifth gear at full power. Something about it not being able to take the pow-ahhhhh.


I've had instances in the past where I have done that, and the result was the car "falling out of gear". I would have to stop, shut it off and restart it and everything would be just fine.

But then, the other night, as I was doing huge smokey burnouts under the full moon with the dumps open, it happened: the engine was spinning about 5,500; smoke was billowing from the car and then WAHHHHHHHH crack bang pop as it slammed into the fuel stop at 6,750.


The transmission popped out of gear. And then kind of smelled a little... toasty. No CEL, no warning lights, nothing abnormal besides the smell and the inability to go... anywhere.

A quick restart and she fired right, plunked into gear and trundled home. And I beat on it during the drive home, too (I mean, hey, if it's already shot may as well enjoy the ride down).


No leaks in the last couple days while she's been parked, and I have pulled her out and wandered around with no problems.

My question is this: do I chalk this up to an anomaly, or do I sack up and drop a Stage 4 Arrington unit in there and avoid the risk of being stranded on the side of the road?

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