Just this crap coming out where it puts down 90%-100% of torque to the front or rear wheels until it detects slip then sends “as much as needed” to the opposite wheels. I’m sorry, but I think this is some bullshit. We are being sold AWTT (All Wheel Traction Control). I’m not just pointing out Jaguar and its Torque-on-Demand AWD or AWD w/ Intelligent Driveline Dynamics. Many other brands (especially with their cars) do the same crap.

Now companies are trying to save face by creating “predictive” systems rather than the old “reactive” systems which everyone complained about because it was like the cars didn’t have AWD. It’s because they don’t. I don’t care what Jaguar, BMW, or even Mazda says, we have very complex traction control systems on most cars.

Maybe I’m just being sensitive, but with everyone trying to call their AWD system the best thing ever because it not only limits/cuts torque like traction control systems, it also throws that torque wherever the hell it can.

I’m just saying, drift modes are a thing now? Really?! Because I want my AWD vehicle to do all the things it would do with 2WD but with an extra couple hundred pounds in the mix.

Torque vectoring. I just feel like it is more traction control than drivetrain in function. That’s just my feelings, I don’t give a flip about differentials being present if they are only a part time worker.