I am appalled that a large publication like Thinly Disguised Automaker Advertiser Trend would think this would be a good idea to publish, but they did.

Fuck this guy. Fuck him with a rusty chainsaw. It’s one thing to illegally modify your truck and then it to pass smog, but it’s another thing entirely to tell as many people as possibly how to break state and federal laws. Jesus fucking christ.

My other reaction, after being pissed, was actually how stupid this guy is, and his ideas of what he thinks will get a tech to overlook illegal modifications.

“Have your girlfriend or wife take your truck in.” Yeah... That has absolutely no bearing whatsoever of what’s under the hood.

“Take your GM to a Ford dealer, or vice versa.” Again, you’re a fucking idiot. California smog techs are licensed independently of any manufacturer or other organization, and getting a smog license isn’t that easy. And besides that, when we’re doing an under-hood inspection we’re looking for all of the emission components. Just because we’re not all experts on these engines doesn’t mean we don’t know how to look for an EGR cooler. Idiots.


I doubt I will ever understand the need for people to actively, and continually, break state and federal laws. I get that people with fast cars like an M3, or a Subaru, modify their cars in order to get noticeable performance gains which they can use on the track, brodozers seem to do it just to do it, and to piss other people off. Because spitting a ton of black smoke onto a Miata driver and chocking them is sooo funny, and it isn’t unsafe or fucking stupid at all.

Never end/rant.

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