THIS is my favorite picture I took in Japan! The story behind this picture is that our group had stopped at this convenience store way up in the mountains while we were on our way to Nara. Well as we are all getting out of the bus we see what i can only describe as the cutest thing I have ever seen in my entire life! It was a long line of Japanese school children in their little rain coats holding hands and skipping. I kid you not, they were giving golden retriever puppies a run for their money! Well of course everyone in our bus rushes out to say hello. The children looked very confused to see thirty or so white people run up to them and start taking pictures. I tried to get him to smile but instead he just stared at me. I did however get a high five!

A note of the actual composition, I cropped it to 20x10 and I love the cinematic look it gives! The light going past the child’s face is also a brilliant touch I didn’t even see when I first took the picture! I’m in love with this pic and it’s currently being sent to to be printed out! I think this will be my entry in next year’s Art Show.