That aggressive styling. Why would you do this? The Aygo's main market seems to be little old ladies and people who need a city runabout. But these new aggressive looks... could they turn away potential buyers? Potential buyers being the people who need a cheap car to drive, one that is safe, and easy to get into. But the people who want those things in a car don't want it to look like a angry spider-dog with fang headlights.

Because I get the idea that all old ladies shop like my mother. "Ooh it's so cute looking! I love it, lets buy it!" Good gas mileage as well.

You see, this is the Vibe I am getting from the new Aygo:

WHAT THE FUCK?! Maybe they are still trying to win over the young market, but dear god.Remember when they did that in 2005, with the one that just looked like a gasoline prius?


Please discuss below, I am curious to see what you guys think of it.