I Think We Almost Had an Acura Nomenclature Change Going Into 2012

I happened to run across some trademarks which seem to show that, for a very brief few months in 2011, Acura was going to rename all of their upcoming vehicles into the AX-Series and SX-Series.

We could have had the 2013 ILX being called the AX2 and kicking off the new nomenclature. Next would have been the 2014 RLX arriving as the AX6, and then the 2015 TLX entering the market as the AX4.


What’s most curious is that even though the NSX trademark has been kept up, the title of NSX for the new halo sportscar wasn’t settled on until the end of 2013. It seems as if Acura was preparing to call the car something in the scheme of “SX#” but quickly abandoned that as soon as they decided to simply adjust the current format.

I suspect that the crossovers would have changed to the DX-Series, however I’m betting the MDX nameplate had become too valuable to part with. Ha! That’s kind of a funny thought. Out of all the nameplates in Acura’s history only the MDX proves too valuable to lose.

Just imagine, the current lineup could have been as follows:







Personally, either after the NSX ends its production run or around 2020, I think Acura is going to drop the “X” from every model except the crossovers...again! But all this is just late night mutterances to get the sonorous baritone voice in my head to soothe me to sleep. Hmmm, probably not a good thing that I hear my head voice as if it’s inside an empty concert hall...

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