I Think We Are Getting Another Jeep

And I think it’s going to be positioned BELOW the Renegade. I’m driving past the Jeep dealership and I see rows and rows of Patriots (not Compasses). I look up Patriot sales and they are above 100,000 units YTD. Renegade sales are going to break 100,000 units at the end of the year but the thing is that the Patriot has been shooting up in volume for the last few years and the Renegade didnt really disrupt Patriot or Compass sales, it just brought in more Jeep buyers.

I sincerely believe there is an even cuter Jeep coming that will be called the Patriot and will pretty much be an FCA competitor to the Kia Soul (which has a seriously sweet niche even with all the new subcompact CUVs on the market). Here’s what Im thinking:


Patriot: 163" x 71" x 63", for $16,000. Same dimensions as the Kia Soul. Pretty much acting as everything FCA wanted from the Dodge Dart.

Renegade: 167" x 74" x 67", for $19,000 (dropping the 1.4L, FWD, Manual option). Renegade being more off-roady.

Compass: 175" x 71" x 65", for $21,500. Compass being like a minature Grand Cherokee.

Wrangler: 164-185" x 74" x 73", for around $24,000.

Cherokee: 182" x 73-75” x 66-68”, for $25,000 (pretty much turning the Latitudes into the base models and moving the Sport trim to an appearance package).


Jeep Pickup Truck: $26,000. I think this will be the next best thing to a Wrangler in Jeep’s lineup when it comes to off-roadability. I’d rather see it named Liberty over Comanche though.

Grand Cherokee: 190-191” x 77" x 68-69", for $30,000.

Wagoneer (3-row): 201" x 76" x 71", for $37,500.

Grand Wagoneer: I still think this will be a 2-row, premium-feel, feature-laden, and off-road ready model that will start around $58,000 if not higher and be a budget Range Rover. Pretty much something above a Grand Cherokee Summit that’s built on the Wagoneer’s extended wheelbase platform. I can also see a 4-seater luxury version coming under the “Summit” designation and officially making Summit a subbrand like Denali or the upcoming Avenir-line.


Thats a lot of five seater CUVs coming from Jeep, and I bet 5 out of 9 will sale over 160,000 annual units in the US before 2020. Within the remaining four models 3 of them will aim for 90,000 annual sales in the same time period and the Grand Wagoneer will aim for 30k.

Thats 1.1 Million Jeeps sold every year in just the US. I also think that’s the limit for Jeep sales. And that’s including gas prices rising and FCA recalling Jeeps every 3 months.

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