But I don’t think car ownership should be done away with entirely. A lot of North Americans do need vehicles due to how rural a lot of the country is. However, there definitely needs to be a lot of change to infrastructure in order to handle this.

For example, I love taking the train from Toronto to Ottawa. However, it does take a pretty damn long time. If our rail structure was upgraded and we could double speeds, that means a trip would go from four hours down to two. That would be pretty enticing in reducing the number of tourists on the road, since it’s a four hour drive or so.

I also think that redesigning the downtown core of Ottawa would be pretty swell. It’s already fairly small, so shutting down a street or two to make it pedestrian only (hell, Sparks Street is already pedestrian only) could work. Granted, they’d have to upgrade the public transit in the region (which could go better if they reduced the number of cars on the roads, since many roads are only two lanes), but I think it’s feasible.

I understand why Oppos get upset about this whole idea, but I think there can be a good balance between “ban cars” and “let us drive”. It’s just a matter of discussion and thinking about it critically. But this is just my train of thought.