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I’ve slept there lots of times before and never had any trouble of this nature, but then again things are different now. Everything is all turned around, and I tend to forget how little regard most people have for unenforceable rules. It ain’t a crime if you don’t get caught, or so I was told by House of Pain. So people will do what they want and murder helpless trees with reckless abandon if they think it’s easier to beg forgiveness than implicate themselves by asking permission and being inevitably denied, thus documenting their malice aforethought.

The bed I’m sleeping in used to back up to the southeast facing wall, and now it’s up against the northwest. And this is ultimately what allowed that which would have otherwise been stopped by the now-absent understory to penetrate all the way through. Through the far neighbor’s front yard, the near neighbor’s back yard, just skimming the roof of my parked car and penetrating the 1940's screen in the window like is wasn’t even there. In the end, I was let down my my last line of defense; a simple box fan. The blades were turned just so, allowing that damn sunlight to pass right through into my pupil like a Dr. Evil Frickin Laser Beam, ensuring my prompt awakening. Blast you, box fan. Tomorrow, the curtain will save me.


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