i thought i needed a new PC, but it turns out I just need a new GPU

I had spent a lot of time spec-ing a PC on pcpartpicker only to find out that the easiest way to what I need is to simply upgrade my GPU.

Luckily I only want 1080p/60fps while hardcore gamers are aiming for 144fps or 4K or some crazy shit.


I feel like graphics cards really need to catch up - I thought the GTX 1060 was able to handle all games at max settings for 1080p/60fps but apparently that’s not always the case, but the GTX 1070 has a pretty high price tag.

I think I’ll just compromise a little bit and go for the GTX 1060. I bought No Man’s Sky after hearing the recent updates made it a really good game, but it was a choppy, unplayable mess on my PC.

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