2 weeks with my Wife’s Fit has me thinking that that having some kind of tall hatchback thing would be nice. Mostly for transporting product for work. There’s are a few thing I have to pick up from local venders, or my sister stores, and her car made that a lot easier. A manual E91 328i would be ideal but they are rare as hen’s teeth. One car I like that isn’t rare is the Countryman Cooper S All4. Bonus is they are usually actual colors!

Being a tall FWD baes car, itcould be absolutely no fun to drive, so maybe after driving one I could check them off the list. But I found this manual 2012 for a semi reasonable price only an hour and a half away. I figure it’s at least worth looking at. Until I read this.


oh yeah it’s one of those clutchless manual transmissions. I understand Vegeta’s unyielding rage.

Also PSA: if you like dragon ball Z even a little bit, go watch DBZ Abridged. The editing Voice acting, and most of all humor are all spot on.