Looks like we aren’t going to be seeing the Avista or Avenir anytime soon. Buick Chief Duncan Aldred told Automobile Magazine that they aren’t going to build the Avenir because of fear of cannibalizing sales from Cadillac with a more upmarket sedan. On the above Avista, he basically hinted at Buick using design cues from the car over the next few years. Not anything about it going into production. On top of all that disappointment he said Buick’s halo car is, wait for it:

The Cascada! Seriously. A 2 door Regal with the top chopped off which itself is a transplant from another country and can be compared to an American Toyota Solara is Buick’s halo car. Since when does a concept car make more sense than something that’s in production? Get your shit together Buick.