I was disappointed. As I circled around the car, trudging through snow and mud I made a call to tell the seller I was there. On the car were plenty of rust spots to a car he described as, “rust free”. The nearly nonexistent clear coat was as the seller described. It was adequite enough.

The seller emerged, cigarette in mouth and proudly announced his full name with a fair handshake. He quickly took out the singular key and asked if I wanted to start it up. I unlocked the door and sat down into a well abused car coffin. Even at my modest 5'7" I most likely would have not been able to wear a Pom Pom beanie cap. The blues throughout the interior were various degrees of faded and the dash had a crack on each tier.

I finally went to start the MR2 up and tried as she might it would bout turn over until I gave the throttle several commanding presses. The shifter felt very stiff for horizontal and angular movement. I pulled at the E brake and it quickly fell back down on multiple attempts, “it musta let go” the seller uttered. I glazed my hand along the t tops and felt moisture all over. As a few more minutes passed the revs were still holding strong over two thousand. There were no unpleasant smells in the car though. The one apparent interior modification consisted on an aftermarket Alpine radio attached to two computer speakers wedged in the corners. Now that's real hi-fi.

As I told the seller it wasn’t in the condition I was looking for he quipped back that I must be looking for one in excellent condition. I am not looking for one in excellent condition just that won’t be a can of worms. Fifteen minutes of my afternoon were not wasted as I had a chuckle driving back to my home only ten minutes away.