I Took My WJ Swimming!

So a bunch of my friends and I went to waste a weekend abusing our trucks at the Silver Lake sand dunes this past weekend. Here’s a photographic story:

The Dune Fleet, before things went South... ignore the Dart.
A wide range of emotions from “OMFG SAND” to “quietly contemplating life on my roof rack”

Aaaaand then things went South. I took my Jeep Grand Minivan swimming because reasons.

Fishing around for a recovery point...

I hit the water just fast enough to put water over the hood, which of course swamped the airbox. I got it shut off before the engine hydraulic’d, but it still had a ton of water in it! Towed it out of the lake, pulled the plugs and turned it over to push the water out and it was fine. Drove it right out to the parking lot!

Time to go home and fix my jeep

Luckily I had a friend with a trailer who did me a solid and graciously dragged my soggy minivan back home... where the interior work began!

Water in the cup holders! It was really that high!
A couple gallons of water in the spare tire well!
Seaweed under the seats!
Solar powered interior dryer!

So as of now, I think the seats can be salvaged, but I bought a new carpet for it. The old one had over a hundred pounds of water in it. It was pretty hard to pull it out! Oh, and I filled the transfer case with water because the vent tube wasn’t tall enough. Fixed now. The only outstanding issue is a non-functional speedometer. I’ll sort that out this week.


As for the other guys, they mostly made it through without major issues. Just assorted new vibrations and wonkey alignments from flying-truck shenanigans. Pretty much the same things we get every year.

And for the record, I regret nothing! I bought this WJ specifically to beat to death. I have a 1991 XJ that I love more than life itself, so I bought this WJ to abuse. Mission accomplished! Next up: Drummond Island!

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