today i got tags on it and i decided to use it

it wasn't a long one 10 minutes at the most and it was probably the most successful in history no overheating, no nuthing but i learned many things

-ratios are close and short in 5th at about 50 MPH its turning about 2500 RPM and in 4th it'll do about 3 grand which makes downshifting pretty much unnecessary for most turns

- its as much of a sports car as it is a luxury car i live on bumpy roads which are just tar with gravel on top even though most of the roads i drove on were real asphalt you can tell that its not a boulevard cruiser like the jag but its not harsh. its smooth and collected like a sports car should be.

-it runs rich, that's because one of the carburetors is missing a thingie

-its easy to drive, there's no guessing on if your doing something wrong and there's no reason to get all worked up and sweaty on a normal drive on windy roads (still sooper fun though)


its like a miata but all alfa-y and old