This past Monday (Memorial Day) I attended a track event at my local race track - Heartland Park Topeka. The track had been closed for a few years but finally reopened with a freshly repaved surface.

I had so much fun! Everyone was very friendly and I met some great people. I took a little bit of helmet-mounted GoPro video. Sorry about the quality and the crap sound. The Ducati did well, and as always, is far more bike than I can fully utilize!

I was in the Novice group of riders, which only allows for passing on the straights. I think next time I make it out, I may try out the Intermediate group. That would allow for passing on the outside in corners if the need presents itself.

Near the end of the video, you can see the riding instructor (wearing a high-vis vest) totally leave me in the dust! I have so much to learn. :)