I Took The Long Way Home From Work Today (Thoughts About Life).

Only tomorrow morning’s exam, and then I’m finished high school. But for some reason, I don’t feel much of anything.

I never really loved the school I went to, but it was the best option at the time. Add “clique-y” to the list of reasons I’m not a huge fan of this town. I made some friends in acting class, but that’s about it. I came a nobody and left more or less a ghost, almost exactly what I initially intended.


For now I’ve got work to distract me from some stuff I should be focused more on, and college is happening in the fall so everything is more or less falling into place. Still, I feel somewhat taxed by this place. I’ve been trying so hard to not hate this town, but I’m not sure I can do it anymore. It’s just so incredibly boring for an unathletic, more or less straight edge loser like me, and this is the biggest town for hours around.

I guess I should be happy and/or sad, but I’m not. I’m just bored and frustrated and waiting for life to move faster. Maybe I need to reschedule leaving so I can do so before I lose my mind.

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