And I didn’t break it! Much. Only a little.

Only a couple pictures because I was obviously driving most of the time

Look at the joy on my scruffy unshaven mug. Look at it.

My best pass was a 15.1 at 91 mph. Nothing to write home about, especially since it was only a 1000 foot track on an old unprepped airfield, but I had such a blast. Dumping the clutch at 4 grand with no concern for the longevity of tires or a police man in a bush is a truly special thing.


The only breakage on my part was the exhaust. On my last hit I spun it up a bit more than I had before and side stepped the clutch. It layed elevens for about 30 feet then it hooked hard enough for the engine to torque up so much that it snapped my exhaust off right where I repaired it a few weeks ago. It sounds like a derby car again.

I also exacerbated another problem, a really wicked bog under 2500 RPM, so I have plugs wires and valve cover gaskets coming to fix that. And a roll of vacuum line to kill my vacuum leaks. (It needs valve cover gaskets because the o rings around the spark plug wells are roached and they keep filling up with oil. Every once in a while it squirts out from under the plug wires and lands on the headers. Smoky.