I tried buying a bike today

No, not the Indian. I did however drool all over it. Definitely my choice for “sexiest bike in production” after seeing it up close. Pictures don’t do it justice.

Anyways... I saw an ad for a KTM RC390. 2018 MY, brand new. $2999. I was ready to buy it over the phone, but unfortunately... It was already sold (allegedly. Maybe it never existed in the first place).


So, I decided to try a new (to me) moto dealer in Lynnwood. They had a ton of 390 Dukes for $3999, which is already a decent price ($1500 off MSRP), but not quite the impulse buy that the RC390 would have been.

Talked to the salesman—a somewhat quiet younger kid—and ended up saying if I could have it for $3500 before taxes I’d buy today. Cash, finance, sexual favors... whatever.

No luck. Apparently the manufacturer incentives dropped off with the new year and the dealership hasn’t gotten new ones from KTM yet. Rats. We chatted bikes for awhile, and I got his card. Definitely my favorite salesman I’ve ever worked with, and I’d love to give him my business. I told him my interests were an XSR900, monster 821/1200, and if they could give me a killer deal... One of KTM’s 390s or a ninja 400. Call me if you’re tired of any of those bikes taking up valuable showroom floor 🙂.

This place is so cool. They just became a Ducati dealer as well, so... Pretty much a one-stop shop for every bike I’m interested in.

My first XSR900 in the flesh. Honestly... It didn’t do as much for me as I expected. I like it more in pictures?
This kawi on the other hand... I though was hideous in pictures. Up close it’s absolutely gorgeous.
Unfortunately they didn’t have an RC390 to test-ride. But the Duke is still one of my absolute favorite bikes in the looks department.
New dream bike?

Probably good that I didn’t buy a bike in the beginning of rediculously cold and wet season. But oppo... I need some two wheel fun. It’s only a matter of time.

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