Sure, I did a short distance, but I think it’s quite representative, including a bit of city driving, twisty back roads, and highway driving.

My thoughts so far:
- Trying to get the most out of your fuel is not as boring as I thought, since you have to focus, especially if you usually have a lead foot
- Feathering the throttle feels to get to speed feels terrible if you know that stomping on it would take you there in a second
- Focusing on your consumption is probably more dangerous than hooning. at least when I’m 20-30 km/h over the speed limit, I focus on the road and the other users, and not my infotainment (I hate that word) screen
- A GTI is not the best car if you care about fuel consumption


After feeling miserable for 26 km, I arrived at work, later than usually, maybe slightly less angry at other road users, since I was the one not driving for once.
The computer says I had an average fuel consumption on 5.0 L/100km (that’s 56,5 mpg) which is not really economy car level.

The EPA values for the 208 GTI are 4.7, 5.9 and 8.2 L/100km for highway, combined, and city driving respectively. Those values are of course unrealistic, so let’s take the real values from real people on Spritmonitor:

I’m definitely way under the normal range of usual fuel consumption, which can be explained by the fact that the car was already warm when I started the test, that it was a short distance, and that I was driving under the speed limit, rather than the speed limit.


My usual average fuel consumption is around 7,9 L/100km, which is way over the 5,9L announced by Peugeot. While that doesn’t surprise me in itself, I wonder how manufacturers are allowed to display such numbers, when in fact, to get these numbers, you have to drive dangerously slowly, and of 55 users, only 1 can meet the announced fuel consumption (by the way, why did YOU buy a GTI?)

I will not continue this, since I felt miserable while doing so, but I found it interesting to find out what my little car could do.

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