This game is just so bad compared to the previous ones. I like racing older regular person cars and modding them, not extremely, and doing like what are A, B, and C category races on these games. It’s just a completely unfun game if you want to do that.

Even the open races in the campaign mode you have no choices. Like if I pick the Buick GN it makes me races in the “class” against only other 80s cars. It’s not an open class. It also limits you to 450 points which is what that car is pretty much rated stock. In Forza 5 I liked using the Starion in higher tier races with like 350hp as well, and you obviously cannot in this.

The older game’s campaigns or Gran Turismo 5s campaign was great. I really started to dislike GT because you couldn’t even put wider tires on a car and everything was way more detacted in terms of modding and only the premium cars sounded or looked decent which there were very few of at the time. Been thinking of picking up a PS4 and getting the Gran Turismo game on that but I don’t know much about it.

The most ridiculous thing about Forza 7 is I heard they added the Audi S3 to the game. I wanted to drive a car that I own, but you can’t get the car, it was for an “event”. Like they want you to farm events for cars and shit on this like it’s a MMORPG. It’s ridiculous.

I was always a PC gamer and I hated console game nonsense like this. “You can’t use this until you unlock it” nonsense. The way these games had progression before where you used money gained to buy cars was MUCH better. Locking things behind limited events and all of that makes me for sure not wanting to buy the new Horizon or Forza 8 if that comes out. The campaign mode is already not fun so I can’t imagine how many unfun elements they will add to their future games.


I haven’t even mentioned the AI in this game. It’s like bumper cars. Online is at least as bad.